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Smoke Detector with Heat Sensor, Sounder and Status Relay

The ESL 449/448 Series self-diagnostic, four-wire smoke detectorscontinually monitor their own sensitivity and operational status, andprovide a visual trouble indication if they drift out of sensitivity rangeor fail internal diagnostics. This unique, patented technology meetsNFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements without the need forexternal meters.Additional diagnostic information is activated by applying a magnetnear the detector's integral reed switch. This initiates aself-diagnostic routine and provides visual indication of sensitivitylevel, or if service is required.This series is easily cleaned by simply replacing ESL's proprietaryfield-replaceable optical chamber. All models are designed to reducefalse alarms from dust, insects, RFI, and external light.An integral combination rate-of-rise and fixed 135°F (57°C), 50-footrated, heat sensor is available with all "T" model detectors (seeselection guide), allowing latching of the alarm for either smoke orheat. The 449CSRH includes an isolated alarm output for heat andactivates an internal non-latching sounder (local alarm) for smoke,making it ideal for motel/hotel and dormitory rooms where smokingpermitted.
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