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BK-5601P - 135° Heat Detector

Mechanical heat detector shall be a System Sensor 5600 series model number BK-5601P, listed to Underwriters Laboratories UL 521 for Heat Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling Systems. The detector shall be either a single-circuit or a dual-circuit type, normally open. The detector shall be rated for activation at either 135°F (57°C) , and shall activate by means of a fixed temperature thermal sensor, or a combination fixed temperature/rate-of-rise thermal sensor. The rate-of-rise element shall be activated by a rapid rise in temperature, approximately 15°F (8.3°C) per minute. The detector shall include a reversible mounting bracket for mounting to 31/2-inch and 4-inch octagonal, single gang, and 4-inch square back boxes with a square to round plaster ring. Wiring connections shall be made by means of SEMS screws that shall accommodate 14-22AWG wire. The detector shall contain alphanumeric markings on the exterior of the housing to identify its temperature rating and activation method. The rate-of-rise element of combination fixed temperature/rate-of-rise models shall be restorable, to allow for field-testing. The detectors shall include an external collector that shall drop upon activation to identify the unit in alarm.
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