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XC Series

The Sargent XC Series is a patented product which incorporates a side pin mechanism working in conjunction with a specially milled key The XC patent pending product which is readily integrated into most Sargent key systems. Since the keyways used for XC are the same as many other Sargent key systems, this offers a highly cost effective means of achieving higher security without the need to change an existing system. Keys and cylinders are patent protected (issued and pending), with keys available only from authorized Sargent distributors. XC is ideally suited for: * Existing Sargent Key Systems * Buildings Requiring a Higher Level of Security Features and Benefits * Patented product with key blanks only available through authorized Sargent distributors * Available in finished locks, complete cylinder assemblies and shell/plug components * Available in several standard Sargent keyways * XC keys can be cut to operate non-XC cylinders. Easily field cut on standard key duplicating machines * Available for most Sargent lock products in conventional, construction and SFIC cylinders * Small format Interchangeable Cores in Sargent 4A and 4B * Increases security and key control by limiting unauthorized duplication * Versatile design for new systems, retrofits and easy field maintenance or construction keying * Cost effective method to increase security of existing systems without having to issue all new keys * Maintain and expand existing key systems using similar Sargent products * Fast, easy change of keying without having to dissemble the lock from the door or cylinder from knob/lever * Two nickel silver keys are supplied standard with each cylinder
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